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You wake up in the morning, lie for a few minutes in your warm bed then go to the bathroom; in the kitchen you drink your favorite juice or milk, put the last evening lasagna in the microwave and do the things you use to do for years.

But have you ever thought that the things you are doing, products you are used to choose and home apparel you have in your house can hide many unpleasant surprises some of them being even dangerous and hazardous for health or even life.

Our goal is to reveal the ‘other side’ of the things we are using and to protect the common consumer from buying and using dangerous products, from using several services or procedures; to describe, show and tell how to protect ourselves better when using a potentially dangerous product when it can’t be discontinued or avoided.

Reading our articles you’ll decide to believe it or not, to stop using a product or not, to be aware of the dangers hidden in common things or not.

Try to avoid the dangerous food, products, apparel or services that would be described in the next articles.

Live in a friendly environment and know the ‘enemy’s’ face! Be optimistic and believe that the new knowledge is making you happier and healthier. We’ll be happy to know that our blog is informative and useful to you.

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