Environmental Issues that Affect Health

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We live on a beautiful planet with a lot of resources. As the number of population grew up in time some of the resources are almost finished off. Resources are one of the biggest problems at this time but bigger than that is the fact that we destroy our planet every single day. We change our planet day by day and leave nothing to our children.

We managed to change the climate and the things around us. Global warming is a polemics issue but for us, the inhabitants of the planet, climate changes are sometimes very obvious.

See the list of the environmental issues that are potentially dangerous for our health. Some of them are dangerous for us as a species.

Climate changes include also global warming, sea level rise, environmental impact of the coal industry and greenhouse gas.

Environmental degradation

Environmental health: air quality, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, indoor air quality and lead poisoning

Genetic engineering and genetic pollution, genetically modified food

Nanotechnology: nanotoxicology and nanopollution

Pesticide drift, plasticulture, land pollution and desertifications, soil contamination

Nuclear issues: nuclear and radiation accidents, high-level radioactive waste management

Overpopulation: water crisis

Ozone depletion

Pollution: Pollution in general, noise and visual pollution, water pollution, acid rain, oil spills, water crisis, ship pollution, wastewater, fish kill and mercury in fish, smog

Logging: clear-cutting, deforestation and illegal logging

Toxins: dioxin, DDT, endocrine disruptors, toxic heavy metals, toxic waste, herbicides, pesticides, chlorofluorocarbons

Waste: litter, waste disposal incidents, incineration, Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The list is very scary but we can make some changes and improvements in order to protect the place we live and ourselves – the inhabitants of this planet.

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