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Avoiding Extra-Humidity May Add You Some Health

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It doesn’t seem fair: Even as the pollen allergy season peaks and begins to die down there remains no respite for allergy sufferers.

Shorter days, cooler temperatures, more humidity and a deep layer of brightly colored leaves herald a problem. Under the dry leaves may be a layer of damp, decaying leaves, and where there is decay, there is generally mold.

In the house, fall brings temperatures too cool to make the air conditioner run, but not cold enough to bring on the central heating. The house becomes more humid, and mold and mildew begin to flourish in moist dark areas.

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Wonderful Plastic

Isn’t plastic wonderful? Whatever did we do before plastic was invented? Inexpensive and lightweight, plastic is used for all kinds of useful objects. It can be clear to show contents, opaque to hide contents and brightly colored to enliven our environment and try to convince us all that we love doing housework. The applications for plastic are endless.

There is, however, one application that has recently been brought into question. We need to look carefully at the news that microwave cooking of foods in plastic containers or in glass or paper containers covered with plastic is hazardous to health. The following information has been reported in the newspapers, on television and over the internet in a “scaremail.”

Concerns about Plastic

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